Monday, July 25, 2011

Yoga Mat Bag & Earphone Keeper

Here is how far I got with my yoga mat bag yesterday.  Today I finished the actual bag, and now I am working on the strap.  In other yoga news, my 4 year old went to yoga with me today and loved it.  
A few days ago my husband sent me a link on how to keep my earphones from getting tangled or lost while keeping them near my cell phone (I don't like talking with my cell phone to my ear).  The solution was to sew on two buttons and wrap the cord around them.  So I picked up these buttons on clearance for 50 cents and sewed them on.  After using it like this all day, it would have been better to get bigger buttons or to have used 3 buttons.


  1. I like the phone/I pod cover would you share?

  2. Here is the ravelry pattern: