Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Springtime Coasters

Today I made these 4 Springtime Coasters using cotton yarn.  It was a fairly easy pattern, and I love the look of them.  These would make good gift sets, especially if I pair them with the chrysanthemum hot pads.


  1. Oh I love that coaster pattern. I have saved that pattern myself .. Where do you find the time to get all this done!?

  2. Unfortunately I tend to neglect other things to make room for crafting (like my house). That being said, I told myself that I could work on these if I did a bunch of laundry. Another reason why I get so much made in one week is that I like small, portable projects. I always have a project with me (at the park, doctor's office, movie theater, etc). My youngest son needs to play outside daily, so I get a good bit done while I watch him play.