Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Tot Craft Time: Paper Pizza

It has been months since we were last at the library's drop in craft time.  We finally went back today.  Today's craft was making paper pizzas.  I used to do this craft when I was a preschool teacher.  Instead of the red paper for sauce, I used red glue (just add food coloring to the glue).  It was always a lot of fun.
The supplies are a brown paper bag cut in a large circle, a smaller circle cut out of red paper, shredded yellow paper, a strip of black paper (to cut olives out of), scissors, and glue.
First put glue on the back of the red circle.
Lay the red circle on top of the brown circle, thus adding your sauce to your crust/dough.
Then add glue to the other side of the red circle.
Then add your cheese and toppings on your pizza.
Adding red glitter would also be fun for the sauce.
Add more glue where needed.
Now you have your own personal pizza.

You can also make a board game out of this.  I need to find mine and take a picture of it.  Use the circle toppings as the spaces in the game.  Take it to a teachers' supply store to have it laminated at a good price.  You can make your own "people" or whatever out of clay.

Save your pizza boxes (the more clean ones), and let your kids have their own pizza restaurant.  

You can also make your own pizza with your kids using pita bread, pasta sauce, and your favorite toppings.  

Edited to add:  I just tried to find the pizza board game that I made years ago.  It is buried in the garage.  It looks like it is going to be a while before I can show off my homemade board games.


  1. How CUTE!!.. But guess what I'm craving for dinner now!.. Well, I finally made myself a couple of bracelets, and hope to make more! No crochet ones yet, but maybe eventually I'll try them too! Come on over to check them out if you want! Thanks for your tutorials! ~tina