Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crayon Swap

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I am heading up another swap in the ravelry group From Trash to Treasure.  The swap is called the Crayon Swap.  Everyone who wanted to participate filled out a questionnaire that asked things like do you want to ship locally or internationally, what color would you like your items to be, what other colors do you like, and what colors do you not like.  Then I filmed myself pulling names and crayons out of a bag and matching up partners, that way everyone could participate in the fun.  It was a lot of fun.  Basically the object of this swap is to make things for your partner using one main color.  You can use other colors as well, but the main color needs to be apparent in everything.  Each person has to include 4 items in their package: 1 accessory, 1 card, 1 recycled/upcycled items, and 1 knit/crochet/woven item.  This way there is some equality in what everyone receives.  More items can be made though.  I started working on my swap partner's things yesterday.  From the image above you can probably tell that I picked red.  My partner likes all shades of red, from pink through the darker shades.  So I am very lucky to have a nice range of reds to work with.

I have been sick this week which is why I haven't been posting.  Add to that this swap where I don't want my partner to see what I am making.  Maybe I'll take pictures that won't give it away.

On Monday, along with 2 other recycling committee members, I talked to a local gardening club about composting and rain barrels.  Tonight is the recycling committee meeting.  Then Saturday is the volunteer fair.  I need to put together a board that represents this year's Earth Fair for the display at the volunteer fair.  I still have the display from last year, so I will be reusing that.

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