Thursday, March 31, 2011

365 Items in 2011: Update

A little up date on how I'm doing with making 365 items this year.  I made 106 items in January, 52 in February, and 73 this month.  Thirty-seven of those items have been quilt blocks (not simple blocks).  The grand total so far is 231 items which leaves 134 items left to make.  I have actually made more than 231 items, but depending on what it was, it was grouped together and counted as 1 item instead of 2 or 4 items.  An item to me is something that can be sold or given to someone / it can stand on its own.  So even if something is simple, if it can be given to a person by itself then it counts.  I am keeping a running tally on the right hand side of my blog here.  Not everything I make is blogged about.  Sometimes I forget to take a picture of it before giving it away, and sometimes its for other reasons such as if it is for a swap (keeping it a secret until the person receives it).  

I really wanted to host a monthly link party for this challenge.  However just as I was about to, the one free link party tool that I found was going to start charging people.  So no link party :(   However I would love to hear about how you are doing.  Feel free to also leave your blog or flicker address in a comment below so that we can check out your wonderful creations.  

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