Monday, March 14, 2011

Women's Alliance

Today I was the guest speaker for the Women's Alliance at my church.  I did a show and tell of different kinds of eco-crafts, mainly my own.  Some of the items were either bought or made for me, but 99% of the items were made by me.  The ladies seemed to really enjoy it.  It is always fun showing people what can be made out of so called trash.  For these types of functions I usually bring 3 to 4 times as much stuff as I do when I teach a class.  That means that I had to go back and forth from my car 3 times while carrying as much as I could.  I really do need to finish making another large tote bag.  Maybe with the money that I make from my next class I'll buy one of those carts with wheels.

Tomorrow night I will be talking with others about vegetarianism and the health and environmental benefits of decreasing one's meat consumption.  This talk is sponsored by the Green Committee of my church (which I'm a member of).  I've been a vegetarian for 17 years, my husband for 20 years, and we are raising our children as vegetarians.  My oldest son is old enough to make food choices for himself, and so far he wants to remain a vegetarian.  I believe that there will be 2 other vegetarians there as well to talk.  I'm going to bring several cookbooks.  A really good podcast to learn about being a vegan and about how to be more humane to animals is Vegetarian Food For Thought.  One movement that I support is Meatless Monday.  You really can make a big environmental impact by cutting meat out of your diet for one day a week.  I am not pushing vegetarianism onto anyone.  I talk about as it comes up in conversation.  The above button image was found here.    

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