Monday, March 14, 2011

Crayon Swap Items

Last night I finished another scrubby (double the pattern for size).
Also last night I made this soda tab bracelet using two colors of yarn.  The pattern for it actually calls for plarn (plastic bag yarn) which is pretty cool.
Using 7 plastic bottle rings, I made this unusual hanging art piece.  I just made up the pattern using 3 shades of red yarn.
I am also working on another project as part of the Crayon Swap. I'm crocheting around several plastic bottle rings for it.  Once again I find that red is hard to photograph.
I'm involved in another swap this month as well, the Envelope of Doooom.  This is what I am mailing to my partner in Russia today.
"In this swap, you will be paired up with a partner based on shipping abilities and, to an extent, by what kinds of things you want to receive in this swap. You will fill an envelope (between 5” x 7” and 9” x 12”) with at least 5items/materials that you have been hanging onto and simply don’t know what to do with. The trick is, they all must fit inside your envelope! Partners do not need to swap the same size envelope. Send that head-scratching stuff straight off to your partner, where they will use their mad creative skillz to make a pretty present for YOU. Of course, you will do the same with your partner’s materials. After an extensive crafting time, send your finished object back to your partner (it need not fit inside an envelope this time). You must keep all unused materials for yourself! If they stump you as well, put them aside and wait for the next Envelope of DOOOOOM swap!!"

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