Friday, March 18, 2011

Crochet Pull Tab Bracelet & Daisy Class Prep

Today I made another crochet pull tab bracelet.  This time I used cotton yarn and a size F hook.  I like it much better with this yarn vs. the acrylic yarn.  The pattern calls for 14 pull tabs, but 12 fits my wrist nicely.  
Tomorrow morning I am teaching a Daisy Troop (Girl Scouts) how to make juice pouch notebooks.  Because of their age, I do a lot of preparation.  To prepare I clean the juice pouches (inside and outside), cut the pages for the notebook (100% post consumer recycled paper), fold the cut pages in stacks of 5 (will equal 20 pages), sandwich the pages between two juice pouches, paper clip the 3 layers together, hole punch through all of the layers (this part can be hard for adults to do, but apparently I've got good hand muscles for it), then cut and thread several tapestry needles.  I was told that there would be 17 girls tomorrow, but I prepared 24 notebooks and about 30 to 35 pre-threaded needles in assorted colors.  I do this because I like there to be a choice, otherwise I would feel awful for the child who got stuck with the only one that was left.  I will also bring along the supplies to make paper beads.  A lot of kids like to add the paper beads as tassels to their notebook.  So with the notebook practically made in advance you might ask what the kids actually do / learn.  They learn how to clean the juice pouches, how to do a special type of book binding, how to make a notebook out of other materials (this can easily translate), how to add new paper to their notebook (thus reusing it), secrets of their new notebook (What?  Secrets?  Yes, secrets that I only tell to the kids in the class), and how to make paper beads and add them to the notebook's binding.  I really love teaching craft classes, especially eco-craft classes.  Tomorrow should be a lot of fun.  Because of the girls' ages (about 6 years old), I hope that several parents stay to help.  With 17 girls, its hard to individually help everyone who needs some one on one help.

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