Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine's Wreath Ornaments

Over the weekend I crochet these small wreath ornaments for Valentine's Day.  The center of the wreaths are plastic bottle rings (the ring below the cap).  After crocheting them, I glued on some sequence hearts.

Pattern: Use whatever size hook that you think would work with your yarn.  I used a J hook.
- Chain 20 stitches
- Double crochet around the plastic bottle ring.  The more stitches that you can fit in, the more ruffly the wreath will be.
- Slip stitch into 1st stitch.
- Triple crochet into every stitch.  You can also triple crochet into the 1st stitch then triple crochet twice into the 2nd stitch, and repeat.  It is up to you.
- Slip stitch into the 1st stitch of the 2nd round.
- Chain 20 stitches, cut yarn, and tie the 2 chain lengths together.

For the small pink wreaths, I only crochet 1 round.

These can be hung from some decorative branches or plants, drawer and door knobs, hung on the wall, hung in front of a window, tied to a gift bag, put on the outside of a handmade card, etc.

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