Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sock Cuff

A few minutes ago I finished knitting the 8" for the cuff of my sock.  I'm about to start the heel.  These pictures were taken earlier today when I had about 1.5" to go.  I'm following the "basic socks" pattern from "Socks to make your feet dance: Sock Hop" by Joseph Madl.

I should clarify, my car was parked and the engine was off when I took these pictures.  I was waiting for my oldest son to get out of school.  Can you imagine driving while knitting with sock yarn on dpns?  OMG!  LOL!  


  1. Knitting while behind the wheel?! Friends don't let friends knit and drive!!

    You've got 2 inches on me, girl. I stopped at 6" now I'm ready for TURNING HEELS!!!

  2. Wow, you're on a roll! I wish I could knit as fast as you are on this.