Friday, January 7, 2011

Turning the Heel

I finished knitting the 8" cuff earlier in the week.
Making the heel was new territory for me.  I messed up a little.  I was suppose to knit the heel on needles 1 and 4, but I ended up knitting it on needles 2 and 3. 
The instep was intimidating.  I watched 2 different you tube videos on how to pick up and knit the stitches for the instep.  Did I do it right?  I think so.  I messed up somewhere else along the lines.  I thought that the outside was the inside when finished, but it is not (after examining the pattern picture).  I like the "inside" better, so I'm still going to turn it inside out when finished.  Then with the heel, what was suppose to be the knit side and the purl side are now the opposite.  That works in my favor though since I want to turn it inside out.  For the foot, I am suppose to be knitting 2 of the needles.   But to keep with turning it inside out, I am purling on those needles instead.  Making the 2nd sock should be interesting.  This is my first sock, so there is bound to be mistakes.  If there weren't, it wouldn't be a learning experience.


  1. Kristy this is a seriously beautiful sock! I like the idea of purl stitch on heel. could you turn it "now" if you turn heel and cuff before you continue I would think you could continue knitting in regular stitch pattern. I find that's easier when you knit on more than one needle because the thread is kept behind the piece as oppose to in front on purl.

    I love your wool it's beautiful and these will be really lovely socks. Are they going to be for yourself?


  2. Thank you very much. That is a great idea. They are going to be for me. I usually don't like to make things for people until I try it first for myself. That way I get the one with the mistakes in it.

  3. Wow, that is some gorgeous yarn! Love it!

  4. Looks great, despite minor learning experiences :-) The yarn is beautiful! And such a nice long cuff! I'm about to pick up the stitches for my in-step, so for now I'm clueless! I'm so glad you joined us for Turning Heels! Thanks for showing us at Fibers on Friday!