Sunday, January 9, 2011

Valentine's Medical Alert Bracelet & Scrubbies

I finished knitting 2 more scrubbies yesterday.  The blue one was started 3 days ago.  Both are Lily's Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn.  I used size US 6 needles, and I doubled the pattern (co 36sts and knit 40 rows).  I want to find a tall, round, clear vase to put my scrubbies in.  I think that it would be a neat way to display all of them.
Do you remember the pull tab bracelet that I blogged about yesterday?  Well I made a medical alert one for myself.  The bracelet from yesterday had 1 large heart and 4 small ones.  For my medical alert bracelet, I used 1 large pink heart and 2 small purple hearts.  The large heart uses 2 pull tabs from canned fruit.  The 2 small hearts uses a total of 4 soda pull tabs.  The directions for this bracelet are in the link above (from yesterday's post).
I wore it to bed last night, like I always do with my medical alert bracelet.  It passed the comfortability test.  Its nice to have a different kind of pull tab bracelet on.  My next one just might be a 4 leaf clover made from pull tabs.

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