Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft Fair

Yesterday was the craft fair that I was in.  It was my first large craft fair.  I woke up early and loaded my car with my eco-crafts not knowing how I was going to do or what the space looked like.

The space wasn't very big, but it was big enough.  I had two tables and a wall.  I had no idea that I would have a wall, but thankfully I had my tapestry needles on me to use as pins to hang up things on it.  

You never know what the crowd will be like.  At the Earth Fair in May, my big seller were the soda tab bracelets.  Yesterday's big sellers were the juice pouch changes purses and the milk/juice carton wallets.  

I handed out a lot of business cards.  There were many Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts there, so I talked to their parents about how I teach scouts how to make some of the items that I was selling.  Maybe I'll hear back from a few of those people.  I love teaching crafts and passing on the love of eco-crafting.  There were a few people that I knew shopping there.  One lady said that she had seen my local access t.v. show.  

You can see my wreath ornaments made from plastic bottle rings, and my crochet soda tab flower pins.  
There is a soda tab four leaf clover pin in there as well.

I received a lot of nice comments on my creativity and use of recycled items.  However the state of the economy really showed in people's spending (at all of the tables/booths).  All and all it was a fun experience.

Now to get ready for a quilting workshop that I'm leading tomorrow night, and then I'll be making lots of Christmas presents.  First on my list is to make something that my mom wants.

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  1. It all looks great!! Crafting for my Mom is the most fun. Have fun making something for your Mom.