Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting back in the swing of things

It has been one long work filled month for me.  I had worked really hard to prepare for the craft fair last Saturday.  The Tuesday before that I led a workshop, and I led another workshop this past Monday.  On Saturday night it was really weird watching t.v. and not making soda tab bracelets.  When I said this to my husband, he immediately proclaimed that I was not allowed to make anything that was not for myself for the next week.  He wants me to relax this week.  So on Sunday I pretty much crashed on the couch for the whole day, catching up on sleep.  I did have to get ready for the workshop in Monday, but I told him that starting Tuesday I would chill out.  Saturday through Tuesday I did not create anything.  I did iron, starch, and cut fabric for the workshop, but it was work without a finished product.  But basically I went 4 days without making anything!

Last night I started to feel the creative itch again.  Maybe I would start knitting something for my mom for Christmas.  Knitting is relaxing, so in a way it was doing something for myself.  However I could not find the magazine with the right pattern in it.  So instead I worked on my extremely hard suduko puzzle in pen.  I couldn't find a pencil sharpener, so a pen it was.  I say extremely hard, because hard is fairly easy for me.

This morning I felt the creative itch again.  I grabbed some bags of clean juice pouches and began removing the sticky straw part from the outside of them.  I do have another craft fair coming up in a week, and I need to make more juice pouch change purses for it.  My table will be in the children's room, so everything needs to be $5 or less.  Then I hear my husband in the back of my head telling me not to make anything for anyone else but mysef during this week.  What would I like for myself?  Can you see the lightbulb go on over my head?  Tote bags!  I LOVE my juice pouch tote bags.  Sometimes I wish that I had more.  So thats exactly what I started making today.  Ok, so I wasn't completely selfish in my crafting.  I also started making a Christmas present for my sister-in-law, and I do plan on making some change purses.  Why not?  I need more and they are super easy to make.

One of the bags that I am making is the same size as this one: 2 juice pouches high x 4 long x 2 deep.  I'm using Capri Sun Lemonade pouches for it.  I plan on finishing it tonight.  It will also have a 2 x 2 pocket on the inside.  The other one that I am making is large.  If you have taken one of my classes or workshops, or if you have seen me at a craft fair, then you may have seen my very large yellow and purple juice pouch tote bag.  I'm making another one that size: 3 high x 5 long x 3 deep with pockets.  My current one is made from 4 flavors of Capri Sun Waves.  Since then, Capri Sun has completely changed the look of these same juice pouches.  The new tote bag is made of the new ones.  It is going to be great having another large tote bag to carry things in.  

Anyway...  I just thought that I would share what has been going on with me.  I also have a homework assignment this week to make a machine reverse applique tutorial on my blog.  That is the workshop that I taught Monday night, and I did not have time to write the information down for the ladies.  

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  Mine will be very laid back.  No extended family coming over, no big meal to cook, and no stress.  We are vegetarians, so I'm making my family's favorite dish with a few sides and apple pie and ice cream for dessert (no turkey).  Then we'll probably crowd in on the couch under lots of blankets and watch a movie.  A nice and relaxing day.

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  1. It sounds like your Thanksgiving was perfect! We have crazy hectic holidays right now, because we're only nearby family (in NJ) for a few years until the Coast Guard moves us, so we live it up while we can. I must admit, the thought of a nice low-key holiday is appealing :-)

    Thank you for the Meatless Monday ideas! I'm gonna try them and post about them if you don't mind. The veggie burger sounds great and even something my kids would eat. They might poo-poo the casserole, but I'll try it for sure!