Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Project Laundry List

Tonight I went to my library's Clean & Green series that happens once a month.  Tonight's guest speaker was Alexander Lee from Project Laundry List.  You can also find them on facebook.  They are a group who are promoting using clotheslines instead of dryers.  Not only do you save on gas / electricity, but your clothes will last longer.  

The "Right to Dry" Campaign

"Many people in the United States, Canada, and, increasingly, in other parts of the world (Uzbek Capital Cracks Down On Clotheslines and Anti-laundry patrols clean up Al Ain) are not allowed to hang out their clothes to dry in the sun. Think about that!"

"Clotheslines are banned by tens of thousands of homeowners' associations nation-wide.
Through a public airing of communities and landlords that prohibit the clothesline, we aim to encourage the use of the clothesline."

Join the Cold War!

"It is way past time to push people to wash with cold water. Washing with cold water saves almost as much energy as using a clothesline. Join the Cold War!"


  1. Woo hoo! I can definitely get behind this, Kristy. We've been washing all of our clothes in cold water for years (although admittedly this is because clothes don't SHRINK in cold water), and have never once had a problem. And if San Antonio wasn't so rife with little nasty allergens floating around everywhere, we'd surely hang most of our clothes to dry outside. As it is, we have just enough room for the occasional sweater or jacket, but we're proud of our limited use of hot water nonetheless.

  2. I've been washing with cold water for years to, mainly because there is no shrinking involved. ;) After last night's talk and the fact that many of my friends are doing it, I am thinking of putting up a clothesline in the spring. I already hang up some of my shirts and all of my sweaters to dry, again due to shrinkage.

  3. Thanks for the invite...I couldn't make it....I need to use my clothesline more often! This was a great reminder.