Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

This is one of the rare years that I went shopping on this day.  I usually avoid it like the plague, but those Jo Anns coupons were just begging me to go shopping.  I bought a Christmas present for my toddler, a little over 9 yards of fabric (5 different patterns), and several fat quarters.  One yard of fabric and the fat quarters are in the washing machine right now.  The other four fabrics have been cut and partially sewn.  I'm making reusable shopping bags out of them.  They will serve the double duty of being gift wrap and a present all in one.  All four fabrics are red and white Christmas patterns.  Hopefully I'll post pictures tomorrow.  I saved a good bit of money today with a 50% coupon for 1 non-sale item, 20% off of my entire purchase, and a $5 gift card that they gave me as I walked in the door.  Also the real treat was that I went to my local Jo Anns and not the one in the mega shopping area.  I avoided the crowds and the craziness.

Now to relax and sew more.

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