Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sackboy & other Christmas items

I finished making sackboy for my oldest son tonight. Sackboy is the character that you play in the PlayStation 3 game Little Big Planet. The head and body pattern had to be modified so that the stitch count matched. The first one that I made was brown, which matched the color of the starter character in the game. My son said that if I ever made another one, that he would like a white one. I want to try and make a Santa hat for him as well before I wrap him up for Christmas.

This is the fabric postcard that I received in exchange for the one that I made.

This is a project that I made last year. I took several clothespins and painted them red. I then glued a strip of Christmas ribbon on both sides of it. Then I placed a long white piece of yarn across my window (connected to the curtain rod). I use the clothespins to hand and display my Christmas cards. Its a great way to display my cards.

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