Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gingerbread Festival

I remembered that a friend of mine had one of my juice pouch lunch boxes. I think she won is at a silent auction last winter. Well she said that her 2 daughters are always trying to be the one to take it to school. In October I had made one for my TV show. I was not able to finish it on the show though. This morning I quickly finished it for her so that her daughters no longer have to share the other one. I delivered the lunch box and the plastic bag wreath to her this morning. She looked surprised to be receiving 2 gifts from me. It totally made my day.

Then my toddler and I went to our library for their gingerbread festival. He made a paper gingerbread man, decorated a gingerbread man cookie (and ate it on the way home), and listened to 2 gingerbread men stories. It was fun.

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