Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas projects: quilt & crochet

For my mom's birthday in March I made her an elephant just like this one. I then started making this elephant for my toddler. I was pretty much done within a week. However this week I sewed the remaining ear onto it. Just in time to become a Christmas present.

Here are the 2 Christmas fabric postcard that I made for my quilt guild. I got a pretty one in exchange. I'll take a picture of it and post it later. I'm going to make 2 more of these sometime soon.

The next 3 pictures were taking during show and tell at my quilt guild meeting. This one is the quilt that I am making for my 10 year old. I just need to finish the binding, and he will finally (after 3 years) get it for Christmas.

This is the "Steps to the Stars" quilt that I made for my grandma. It was suppose to be finished in July, then again by Christmas. Now I'm going for New Years. I just need to finish sewing the binding on it. If you did not know this already, all of the fabrics used were from my stash. I only bought 1 fat quarter to match a fabric that I ran out of. This is also all hand quilted.

This is the quilt that I got in exchange for making my grandma a quilt. My great-grandma pieced it using clothing that my mom and other family members had worn. My grandma quilted it. It needs some repair. It was much loved and much used. I'm so happy to have it. The backing was made from pig feed sacks. Right now I am the only blood relative who quilts, and we have a pretty big family. My grandma just loves that I am carrying on that family tradition.


  1. Kristy your quilts are gorgeous!

  2. what an absolute treasure that last quilt is!

    I keep telling myself that I will learn to quilt one day, but I haven't got there yet - so many interesting techniques to learn, and nowhere near wnough time...

    how precious to have something made by your great grandmother... recycled from family clothing... lucky you!