Saturday, December 26, 2009

itouch cozy & plied plarn and boa yarn

My husband surprised me with an itouch for Christmas. So aside from buying a knitting app and 2 quilting apps, I began knitting an ipod cozy. I just made up this pattern. The blue yarn is Lion Brand's Pound of Love, and the black speckled yarn is from Red Heart. I cast on 40 stitches on size US 3 needles. Knit 10 rows of black and 2 rows of blue, then repeat. After 4 repeats, bind off 10 stitches. This creates the flap for when it is finished.

Tonight I got the urge to use the spinning wheel that I am borrowing from a friend. I spun my Hannaford plarn. Hannaford bags are a weird color. Not cream and not grey.

I'm really tired of making fun fur and boa yarn scarfs, but I have a nice stash of it. So to spice up the Hannaford plarn, I plied it with some boa yarn. I used up 4 skeins of boa yarn tonight doing this. I want to crochet a bag out of it. I'm thinking that the bottom of the bag will be just plain Hannaford plarn.

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