Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pig, Octopus, & Sackboy

I made another pig from the free pattern at This one has embroidered eyes, unlike all the others. This was a request from my husband. He thinks that his boss's baby is super cute, and wanted me to make one for him. March 1st is National Pig Day, so all the pigs that I made as gifts will be given then. I started working on yet another pig. I want to use up all of my pink yarn (stash busting). However the newest pig will be made in the reverse colors: Rose for the body and Pink for the body parts.

I also started knitting Ollie the Octopus from the free pattern on I finished making the body last night.

Then my older son kept bugging me to make him Sack Boy from the game Little Big Planet. He bugged me so much, that last night I found and printed a pattern for it. Originally I was going to knit some socks and make him like I would a sock monkey, but this way is better. However the man who wrote out the pattern must be on crack (figuratively speaking), because I have had to fudge the pattern to make the stitch count match up. I did a Ravelry search, and others have had the same problem. They all said that it still turned out right, so there is hope. I just finished knitting the body. You would think that it would be knit in the round, but its not. The body is joined by adding a zipper, just like on the game character. When I am all finished with sack boy, I know that he will be bugging me for accessories for it. I'm thinking that that will be a good birthday present.

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