Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Box

My oldest son needed to make a Valentine's holder from a shoe box. He wanted it painted red. I spray painted several coats of paint on it so that the writing from the shoe box did not show through. He said that he wanted a heart cut out of the top (where the Valentines would go). I cut a large heart out of paper and used it as a template. I first asked him if it was the right size. He wanted it a little smaller. Thats why I started out big. You can always make it smaller. Then I showed him what it would look like on the box in 2 different placements. He liked the diagonal placement. So I cut it out for him. I also die-cut several hearts, tags, and letters (that are in his name) out of different colored construction paper. I'll provide him with these things plus stickers, glue, and writing materials so that he can decorate his box for school tomorrow.

I've been working on the heart log cabin quilt. It is slow going since I am hand sewing it. I have 3 blocks finished, and 4 others almost finished. I am also posting a picture of my youngest son with his knitted heart pillows.

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