Monday, February 23, 2009

Earth Day Fair & DI hat

Today I have worked on my DI hat. I am almost finished crocheting the hat itself. It is the height that I want it to be, and not I am crocheting the brim (top hat).

I started making a recycling sock monkey. I have socks with the recycling symbol all over them. All the pieces are cut out. The sewing machine part is finished, and all the body parts have been stuffed. Now on to the hand sewing part. The tail and one arm is attached. I also made a running stitch where the neck is. I will be taking this project to my quilt guild meeting tonight.

I have also made several phone calls regarding the Earth Day Fair. So far have have 6 definite people who will have a table set up and/or talking at the fair. I have a few more maybes, and I have emailed and left phone messages with several others. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can pull this off and that it will turn out great.

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