Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sack Boy & Pig Bag

Sack boy is finished!!! I found the pattern online. It was from a magazine that is released in the UK. The beginning was tough to knit, because the pattern and the stitch count did not match up. I had to figure out how to make the pattern match the stitch count. Apparently everyone else has had the same issues with the pattern. If you don't know who sack boy is, he is the main character in the game Little Big Planet. My son loves that game. This particular sack boy is the starter character. As you move through the different levels / worlds, you win new materials that sack boy can be made out of, costume, accessories, etc. My son has already started thinking about what kinds of accessories and new sack boys he wants me to make next. I also want to make one for my husband. He makes video games, so it would be cute for his office.

I made 2 of these pig bags to house the pigs that I gave as gifts. My son's librarian loved her pig and the bag. I got a nice hug from her. She collects pigs, plus she loved that I also knew about National Pig Day (March 1st). My husband's boss is out of town and won't get his until Monday (for his baby).


  1. Hi Kristy! I am getting a kick out of all the different projects you're working on. I have your blog bookmarked, but I thought it was time to leave a comment. I know I always appreciate blog comments-- they make the blogosphere a little cozier.

  2. Thanks :) I love reading comments. I love your hat.