Sunday, January 31, 2010

Test Drive

I had to go buy a few things from the grocery store today. What a perfect time to take my new t-shirt produce bags for a test drive. As you can see from the above picture I used my own bags. Two are the store bought reusable bags. Two are knitted plarn bags. And one is the Friendly's shirt that I made into a bag. The Friendly's bag held a few heavy things and held up just fine.

I got to use 3 of my new t-shirt produce bags. The oranges are in a drawstring bag. The melon and the apples are in the bags made from the top of a t-shirt.

Surprisingly enough I did not get a single comment on any of my bags. Not even the produce ones. This was weird, because I usually get one comment. However it shows that it isn't that uncommon these days for people to bring their own produce bags to the store.


  1. And I say good for you girlfriend! I'm glad the bags worked so well for you. I'm going to start on one of the Inga bags tomorrow and I've been collecting t-shirts to turn into bags myself. Love your instructions.

  2. Thanks Barbara :) I'm looking forward to seeing your bags.

  3. All those bags Kristy are wonderful looking. Doesn't it just make you feel so good to use re-usable bags! I want to make some of those small produce bags for my use too. I'd like to try a string-type bag too for like onions so they can breathe.

  4. I do love it. I'm always so proud when I walk out of the store with no plastic bags in my cart, especially when the cart is filled to the T. If you find a good pattern for the onion bag, let me know. I also like using the small fused bags for my apples and oranges.