Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 26's Projects (other than the tote bag)

I finished knitting this cozy last night. All it needs is a button.

I started a new cozy last night. Because the yarn is variegated, I wanted to use a knit one below pattern. This helps the pattern blend more. The pattern is: Row 1 - k1, k1 below, to the end, end with k. Row 2 - knit. Row 3 - k 2, *k1 below, k1,* and repeat to the end. Row 4 - knit.

Today was recycling day. So yesterday I went through all of my paper recycling. I cut out a bunch of food box panels to make matchbook notebooks out of for the Winter Fest in my town. My church is a part of several town buildings that has activities going on for the event. We'll have a table set up for people to make a matchbook notebook. I also made these magazine / file boxes out of cereal boxes. One is holding all of those food box panels. The other is holding some knit and crochet patterns. You can paint them or cover them with paper or contact paper.

Here are some recent recycled additions to my crafting world. One jelly jar holds buttons (well, a single button at the moment). The other jelly jar hold safety eyes (doll / amigurumi). I love the jelly jar lids. The gum container holds my needles.

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