Monday, August 2, 2010

Prep & Painting

I am teaching a juice pouch notebook class on Thursday.  To prepare for it, I cleaned the sticky straw part off of 49 juice pouches with Goo Gone today.  I used one of the knitted scrubbies that I had made.  It worked really well.  The process seemed to go a lot quicker.

We decided to paint our living room this month.  I taped a bunch of paint chips to the wall, and we picked 3 colors that we liked.  So I got samples of the 3 colors ($3 each) and painted a section of the wall with them.  This way we could see what they looked like through out the day in different lighting.   We picked the bottom one, soft camel.  I started painting the living room yesterday.   Its nice to be able to change the look of the room and get rid of all those little kid marks on the walls for less than $100.  As a side note, the photograph is by my dad.  He gave that to me for my birthday last year.  Also, I made the curtains.

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