Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Wreath Ornaments

It feels weird not having blogged in a while.  We took one last summer trip last week before school starts.  Even though we were busy, I still found some crafting time.

I made more plastic bottle ring wreath ornaments on Thursday morning.  They are slightly different than the others that I had made.  The other ones used my made-up double crochet, the one that I learned by looking at finished crochet items as a child.  The other ones also had one double crochet in each stitch for the second round.  These ones used the real double crochet and I did a few increase stitches in the second round (where needed).  They turned out better and bigger.  I also used up the last of this yarn.

Last night I took out my new green sparkly yarn and made 3 more wreaths.  The one on the left has the 15 chain stitches at the beginning and end for the loop (like I used in the past wreaths).  Because I used a different yarn, the size ended up being different.  The loop was to small for my liking.  So I chained 20 stitches in the beginning and in the end for the next two.  I still need to add a red bow to these wreaths.

I made another project while on my trip, but I can't show it since it is a Christmas present.  The person who it is for checks my blog.  I'll be posting this and other presents after Christmas.

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