Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poll Closed for Trash to Treasure's August Challenge

Eco-Craft Challenge ($20 limit on craft spending for Aug)
  7 (16%)
Soda Tabs
  4 (9%)
Plastic Bags
  8 (18%)
Summer theme: Make something that reminds you of Summer
  4 (9%)
UFO / WIP/ Unhappy FO
  12 (27%)
2nd Hand (thrift store, dumpster diving, yard sale, etc.)
  15 (34%)
Plastic packaging
  1 (2%)
Recycled paper
  3 (6%)
  1 (2%)
Storage (make a storage item)
  8 (18%)
  6 (13%)
Broken glass/dishes
  2 (4%)
Nature (use nature as your main materials)
  4 (9%)
  13 (30%)
Fabric/clothing scraps
  12 (27%)
Farmers' Market Challenge: Make something inspired by the Farmers' Market
  3 (6%)
Rug along
  10 (23%)
Make Christmas (or other Dec. holiday) gifts
  19 (44%)

Votes so far: 43
Poll closed 

The winner is: "Make Christmas (or other Dec. holiday) gifts" with "2nd Hand (thrift store, dumpster diving, yard sale, etc.)"
 in a close second.  I haven't made any Christmas presents since February, so this is a great challenge to have.  If you 
are on ravelry (an online knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving community), you should come check out the group 
Trash to Treasures.  The link to the group is on the right hand side of this blog.


  1. Sounds fun. What is the crafting plan?

  2. Well they are pretty open challenges. Personally I plan on making some Christmas ornaments. I might make another plastic bag wreath. I'm not to sure what else I might make.