Saturday, August 7, 2010

Plastic Ring Wreath Ornaments

Today on ravelry, one person posted a link to this pattern and said that it would also work with plastic bottle rings (the ones just below the cap).  I loved that idea so much that I ran into the kitchen, and later in my recycling bin, and took the plastic rings off of some bottles and went to work.  This is a very quick and easy pattern, and you can make it in 5 minutes.  They not only make cute ornaments, but you can also attach them to the outside of gifts with the tag.

My pattern for making them is as follows:
Materials: 1 plastic bottle ring, green and red yarn, a size G crochet hook, and scissors.
- Chain 15, this will be part of the top loop.
- Double crochet around the ring until it is full, making sure to cover the plastic ring as much as possible.
- Slip stitch to join the end to the beginning.
- Then double crochet in every stitch.
- Slip stitch at the end.
- Chain 15.
- Join the two chained ends and knot them together to form the loop.
- Pull the red yarn through two sides of a stitch at the bottom.  Knot it, tie a bow, knot that, and trim the bottom of the bow to the length that you want.

After posting a link to a mini mitten ornament pattern in my previous post, I decided to try and make it.

It is small, but so far it is easy to make.


  1. Outstanding little Christmas wreaths. I stumbled and reviewed the post through SU too. I must make a few of these for my Christmas swap.