Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hermit Crab Net

Yesterday we bought 4 hermit crabs for my oldest son.  I haven't had hermit crabs in 7 years.  I love them!!!  I use to have 22 hermit crabs in a 20 gallon tank.  I had made different levels and fun climbing things for them.

So last night I set about crocheting a net for them to climb.  I used Vanna's Choice yarn and a size G hook.  I chained 43 stitches.  Single crocheted into the 2nd chain from the hook, chained 4, sc in 5th chain over, and repeat to the end, sc in last chain.  Then I chain 1, turn work around, sc in 1st st, ch 2, sc in 3rd ch over, chain 4, sc in 5th ch, etc.  Basically I tried to stagger the loops so that it looked more like a net.  I then made a very long chain that I connected to the other side so that I could connect it under the outside of the tank to hold it into place.

One adventurous hermit crab had no problems climbing it.  I did need to anchor the bottom down a bit.  I need to find a better solution for that (some sort of weights).

He ended up climbing up one of the chains to the top corner of the tank.  So I put a heavy book on top of the tank so that he couldn't escape.  I want to make a 2nd floor in the tank for them.  They are so fascinating.  Now to finally get around to knitting a hermit crab.  I bought a knitted amigurumi book just for that pattern.


  1. lol could you make me one?

  2. There is mold in that tank. It should be cleaned out because it is bad for you and the crabs. (PS 22 crabs in a 20 gallon tank is to small.) I like the net though. Could you share the pattern?

    1. That wasn't mold. If there was mold I would have cleaned it asap.
      Ch 43
      sc in 2nd ch from hook
      ch 4, sc in 5th chain, repeat. Sc in last ch.
      Every other row ch 2 in the beginning and end of the row.
      When finished, make a very long chain and connect it to the other side. This goes on the outside and under the tank to hold the net in place.