Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cleaning Recipes

A few months ago I went to my library's clean and green series on making your own eco-friendly cleaning products.  They handed out samples of the all purpose spray cleaner and the soft scrub.  I loved using them.  They did not bother me physically like other cleaners do (headaches and such).  I also tried the dishwasher powder, laundry soap, and the wood polish.  All of them worked out great (however I prefer the results of the store bought dishwasher powder more).  Well I ran out of my free samples and so I made replacements for them today.  I also got to test out my new dishcloth and small scrubby.  I used the all-purpose spray cleaner 1 recipe and the bathroom "soft scrub" cleanser recipe.  My castile soap already had tea tree oil in it.  The only essential oils that I have are lemon, peppermint, and pine, so I used them in the spray.  I also added a few drops of the lemon to the soft scrub.   The lemon is a antiseptic and antiviral essential oil.  The pine is a disinfectant, air freshener, and bronchial health essential oil.  The peppermint stimulates the senses and just smells good.  Tea tree oil is a broad spectrum antimicrobial.  After attending the class I learned that these essential oils work great together.  The oils can be a little pricey, so I am slowly buying them.  However with all the money that I am saving by making my own cleaners, its easier to splurge for the essential oils.  

Some more cleaning tips: You can clean your toothbrushes by soaking them in mouthwash.  By wiping your windows with newspaper when cleaning, you avoid streaks (I use the junk mail since I don't get the newspaper).  Hot water and distilled white vinegar goes a long way when cleaning (vinegar dries odorless).  Keep an old toothbrush on hand for cleaning between the bathroom tiles and around the faucets.  


  1. Hi Kristy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Like you, I do believe in not wasting and making what we have last. My mother was big on window cleaning, and that is one task I could live without. However, the vinegar and newsprint is fab for cleaning. I have also used them when framing pictures. It is so hard to get the glass really clean, and smudgy picture glass is awful. The newsprint is perfect for glass cleaning because it does not leave lint.

  2. Hi Kristy! Just watched your video on pop tab projects (and soda cap garland) and LOVED it! I have always joked it's like a sickness, how I can NOT throw anything out without studying it first, wondering if and what I can make from it! I have done garbage bag wreaths before too!.. Nice to meet you.. I'm now a follower, and look forward to visiting again! ~tina

  3. Thanks! If you liked that video, I have 3 or 4 more soda tab videos on there as well. I'm also going upload another one soon. My husband teases me by saying that if I didn't use my "recycled" items then I would be a hoarder. Instead I'm an artist/crafter, lol. Thank you for following me & it is nice to meet you to :) If you are on ravelry, you'll like the Trash to Treasure group (link on the right side of this blog).