Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Second Juice Pouch Car Bag

While blogging about the juice pouch car bag yesterday, I realized that it would be good for my 11 year old as well.  So I asked him if he wanted one to, and he said yes.  

I found a pair of super holy jeans that belonged to my husband.  There is no way that he will be wearing them anymore, so I cut out both back pockets for this bag.  These pockets are a lot bigger than the one that I used on the other bag.  If you look at the bottom left you will see the loop that was attached to the jeans pocket.  I kept it on there in case my son wanted to hook something on it.

There are a few other things that I added to this bag.  It has the 2 large jean pockets, 2 side juice pouch pockets, and I placed the colorful side of the back panel on the inside.  Just in time for our road trip tomorrow.  My 11 year old loves that he has the "better" bag.  He says that one of the side pockets will make a good drink holder.  I'm looking forward to seeing these bags in action.  Now to go finish packing.


  1. Very cool and I think the outside pocket would be great for holding snacks too.

  2. I really like this idea, very creative!~ My grandkids like to take library books in the car. Do you think the car bag can handle items that are sort of heavy? How did the bags hold up on your trip?

  3. They held up great. I stuffed one of them full of toys. It got moved around a lot outside of the car by young kids while it was full of toys. There were no rips or snags during our 2 weeks on the road. I have a very large tote bag made from juice pouches that I am constantly using to carry around heavy things. A year later and it is in great condition. I think that it will hold up well with books. :)