Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scrubby & Brown Plarn Bag

I made another circular scrubby last night (I doubled the pattern for the size).  I used red heart soft yarn (acrylic).  Normally I use cotton for my dishcloths, but the pattern said that acrylic works great for scrubbies.  I really want to make a bunch of these, because I prefer washing my dishes with scrubbies.

I have also been working on this plarn bag for a while now.  Last night I ran out of the brown plarn.  I sent out a call for brown plastic shopping bags to all of my facebook friends.  I need to go and search my plastic bag stash to see if I can find any more.  I also need to make some blue plarn, because I want to add some blue stripes to it as well.  Maybe I'll also raid the grocery store's plastic bag bin to see if there are any brown bags in there.  The manager of one store said that I could do that anytime, and 3 other stores have let me do that in the past.  Sometimes I even get lucky and find a few colored newspaper bags in there.

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