Sunday, March 10, 2013

Round Ups

I will be slowly putting together blog round ups due to many of my blog posts disappearing.  Why are they disappearing?  Its because I used my instagram photos on my blog, and now that I don't agree with instagram's policies, I am deleting my photos from their sight.  As a result photos are disappearing from my sight.  I'm trying to replace a few of them with ones from my ravelry page.  However I can only replace the knit, crochet, spun, and woven projects.  I jumped the gun on deleting posts in January before realizing that ravelry renames the photos when they are uploaded onto their site (so I could have just replaced those photos with the ravelry ones).

So keep on a look out for the round ups.  I am currently putting together an Easter one, and I will be putting together a St. Patrick's one soon.  I have a lot of floral hot pads that I have made over the years, so I would love to showcase all of them.

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