Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday C! - Doll items and Ninja and Origami topper

Tomorrow is ds2's friend's birthday party.  Here is what I made for her:
I really wanted to make something for her Barbie dolls.  He mom said that she likes super heros.  Well I couldn't find any super hero doll patterns, but in my head Red Riding Hood is a butt kicking fairy tale hero.  So I used this pattern to crochet her cape and basket.  Then I made a simple sock dress for her.  I have been having a lot of fun making doll cakes, so I made her a rainbow doll cake.  I used foam and white puff paint to make it.  Then I made 2 origami boxes, one for the cake and one to hold all of these items.
While at the library with the birthday girl last week, both she and my son said that they really liked the ninja in the book that I was checking out.  It was "KnitWit: 20 fun projects for beginners and seasoned knitters" by Katie Boyette.  So I have been working hard to make her a ninja in time for her party.  I was able to finish it Friday night while watching a movie.  There was a lot of sewing involved.  I choice to only use black thread around all of the felt pieces instead of matching the thread to the felt.  I felt that it made it pop, like a cartoon character.  I also used tacky glue to get the felt to stick / stay in place while I did a blanket stitch around all of the pieces.
I topped her wrapped box with a calendar wreath made with black and white printed origami paper.  I put glue on the back of it to hold it together.  Once dry, I just taped it to the gift.  They were able to easily remove it so that they could use it for something else.  It would make a nice picture frame.

The birthday party was today, and the birthday girl liked all of her presents.


  1. Lovely work :)
    I would love to know the pattern for the calendar wreath :)

    1. It is from "Trash Origami: 25 Paper Folding Projects Reusing Everyday Materials" which can be found here: I checked it out from my library.