Sunday, March 10, 2013

Easter Bunny and Spring Chick

For the last 2 days I have been working on this Easter bunny.  I used this free pattern.  I used an E hook and Caron Simply Soft white yarn.  The nose is with the same brand of yarn, and the black is puff pant.  I glued a piece of felt on for the teeth.
I also quickly made this Spring chick magnet yesterday.  The black is puff paint, and I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for the body.  Here is the free pattern for it.

Right now I'm alternating between working on a zig zag afghan, a knitted log cabin afghan, and a hidden Mickey shawl.  Actually I'm a tester for the hidden Mickey shawl, and my first go at it isn't good.  The designer just sent me an updated version of the pattern, so I'm going to try it again but with thicker yarn (just to make sure that there are no mistakes).

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