Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ATCs - 3rd set

I decided to have some fun experimenting with different animal themes on some artist trading cards (ATCs).  The background was one of the pre-cut ATC papers that a friend had sent me.  The flowers seemed to say "bee" to me.  But I couldn't just make a regular bee, it had to have some of my abstract design in it.  I wasn't sure about it, but my husband liked it.
Hide & Seek
Continuing with the animal theme, I made this giraffe.  There was someone who last year was trying to collect at least 1000 new giraffe pieces of art (via images sent to her by other people).  I had sent two basic drawings to her.   I thought about that challenge when making this card.  The card seems very child like to me.  Its not one of my favorites, but it is fun.
Fetal Elephant
After working on this for a little while, I started to see an elephant in it.  So I added to the elephant where I thought that it needed more detail.  My husband saw a seahorse instead.  Because its abstract, each person will see something different and that it how its suppose to be.
For this card I wanted to try to make a different kind of floral pattern but I wanted to use some of the basic design elements that I had used before.

P.S.  These cards have sent me over my goal of making 365 items this year!

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