Friday, June 12, 2009

Winter & Disney Fused bags

Last night inspiration hit me. I wanted to design my own fused plastic bag tote. I have some beautiful blue bags, and I was trying to think of how to be more artistic with fusing them. That's when the idea hit me. Snowflakes!!! I fused a single white plastic bag to itself (2 layers). I then dye-cut small snowflakes out of it. It was easier than dye-cutting paper. I had about 8 layers dye-cut at the same time. I then used 2 blue plastic bags together (4 layers). I arranged the snowflakes on it, then I fused them down. After that I sewed up my bag. This probably took me about an hour today. I love it! Since it was so easy, I might just make a bunch to use as gift bags for Christmas.

Here is what my Micky Mouse bag looks like so far. I still need to attach the handles. I left them off so that I can show steps in my show tonight. I just love this bag. The inside is fused pink garbage bags that I bought at the dollar store.

This bag came from my local quilt show. I love the design. It is just a flat fused panel right now. It is one of my steps for the show tonight. I might not be able to show how to fuse plastic bags tonight. My 1st project will be making plastic bag wreaths, followed by making plyarn (plastic bag yarn). Then Frances Killam will come on and show her plyarn brain coral. She will also demonstrate how to spin with plastic bags. If I have time, the fused bags will be next. If I run out of time, then I'll just make a part two to this episode.

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  1. Kristy these are great! The snowflakes bag is awsome! I can't wait to see the show.