Sunday, June 14, 2009

Valentine's Fused Bag

I want to have a whole episode of the show be on how to make a fused plastic bag. First I needed to see if I could fill a 30 minute show with this project. So I set my timer to 30 minutes and went about making this bag. The 30 minute timer went off before I was even finished ironing the bags together. So now I know that I need to have the ironing finished before taping the show. I will show how to iron / fuse a bag, but not the same bag that I will be sewing at the time.

For this bag I fused this purple bag to 2 layers of white plastic shopping bags and two layers of a very thin pink garbage bag. I also fused 2 layers of the pink garbage bag and 2 layers of a red bag. I then cut out hearts from these two colors. I then fused the hearts into place on the purple bag. I cut the handles for the bag from two ends of the unsewn fused bag. I folded about an inch of the pink side over onto the purple side and sewed it down. Then I folded the purple sides together and stitched the three sides. I also stitched a 2" triangle at the bottom 2 corners. I flipped it right side out. I folded the 2" handle strips into 3rds and stitched the fold down. I pinned them 2" in from the sides of the bag and then stitched all the way around the bag.

I noticed that this heart was not fully fused. I took it back to the ironing board, placed the parchment paper inside the bag so that I did not fuse the fromt to the back of the bag. I did not pay attention to my iron setting, and I had set it to cotton. It was way to hot and burned holes through my bag. I cut some left over purple plastic and placed it inside the bag under the heart as a patch. I then made sure my iron was set to wool / silk, then I ironed / fused the patch to the back of the heart.

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