Friday, September 23, 2011

What's Happening ;)

I had a great time teaching at the Somerville Library in MA.  The kids were great.  Five of the kids wanted to make paper bead tassels for their juice pouch notebooks while the others left after their notebook was finished.  I showed them a few things that you can make using paper beads, and 4 of them wanted to make a bracelet.  For some reason I packed the left over bracelet threads that I had from a previous class, so I was able to give them supplies and show them how to make them.  I hope that their bracelets turned out well (they took the supplies home with them).  
I also wanted to show two of the pictures that I took this morning.  The first one is a morning glory leaf.  I love that it looks like a heart.  The 2nd is the tile floor from a store that I was in today.  I like the pattern.  It could easily translate into a quilt.

I am still busy making Halloween swap items.  I can't wait to show them to you, but it'll be a few more weeks before I can do that.  I also need to work on a juice pouch lunch box, because it is due on Sunday.  Sunday starts my first day of working with the middle school kids at church.  I'll be volunteering every so often through out the school year in their room.  I'm going to miss working with the elementary kids, but  it should be fun this year.  I know most of the girls already.

In other news, I've lost 20 pounds since July.  I quit drinking soda and eating junk food.  Today I am starting another detox week (I did one in July). All I'm eating are fruits and vegetables, and drinking only water and caffeine free tea.  Occasionally I can have fruit juice, but it counts as a serving of fruit.  It is a little hard, because I need to do a lot of cooking and prep work.  However it helps clean out my system a bit, allows me to loose weight easier, and I will probably loose some extra pounds during this week.  Last time I lost 6 pounds during detox week.  I still have 20 more pounds before I'm at my first goal weight (I have 3 goal weights - the 1st one is good, the 2nd is great, and the 3rd is my pre-baby weight).


  1. So happy to hear about your weight loss. 20 pounds is a wonderful amount to lose. Best wishes on your diet and continued weight loss.