Saturday, September 3, 2011


The other day I was inspired to draw some more ATCs (artist trading cards).
This one is called "The Last Burst of Light."
Watercolor paint & black ink.
This one is not my usual style, but it needed to be drawn.
It is called "Clinging Chameleon."
Watercolor paint & black ink.
I recently did an ATC trade with knityoga (ravelry name) who lives in England.  This is the ATC that I received from her.  Isn't is cool?  I love that she did embroidery / string art on an ATC.
She also sent me 2 fabric postcard that she had made.  I sent her 3 ATC's, 2 originals and 1 photo copy of one.  Some of mine are hard to give up/trade, so I made copies of them on card stock.

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