Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yesterday and today I have been making plarn (plastic bag yarn). I did not make all of this in two days, however I did take my balls of plarn and wound them on the ball winder.

Here is my precut loops ready for turning into plarn. I am waiting to cut up all of my plastic bags until after Thursday. On Thursday I am teaching 14 Girl Scouts how to make plarn. It should be a lot of fun. After that I really need to cut all of my left over plastic bags to create more space in my house. I raided 3 different grocery stores' plastic bag recycle bins for the bags for the classes that I have been teaching.

If you enjoy working with plarn and are having trouble finding a lot of colored bags, try asking your local library to save their newspaper bags for you. They come in yellow, blue, clear, gray, pink, orange, and green. Also ask your friends to save their plastic bags for you. Both of those ways are how I get the majority of my bags.

I also started making a birthday present for my mom today. I can't post any pictures of it or talk about what it is until after her birthday, because she does read my blog.

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  1. Oh my gosh you really have a bunch of plarn!! I love it and love all that you do. I think it's great that you're teaching some Girl Scouts how to make and use plarn. Thanks for sharing all this with us.