Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Tot Craft Time

Every Tuesday my local library has craft time for those little ones who are not in school.  My youngest loves to go to craft time, and then stay to play in the children's section.  I was looking forward to seeing what their Easter week craft was going to be.

Today's craft was cutting out paper sheep and glueing cotton balls on them.  Not very creative (no creative expression), but my son enjoyed doing it.  I cut out the sheep for him, because he is not old enough for scissors in my opinion.  Then we used a glue stick to cover the sheep's body in glue.  He loved placing all of the cotton balls on the sheep.  He didn't use all of the cotton balls either.  These will be cute hung up by his bed: counting sheep.  

How can we turn this into an eco-craft?  
- You could print the sheep onto the back of cereal and other food boxes.  Then cut them out.  Instead of cotton balls, you could glue scrap fabric, scrap yarn, stuffing from an old worn out toy (like the one the dog chewed apart), buttons, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, cut squares of plastic bags (with the glue in the center so that they are puffy), etc.  
- Another idea to make them counting sheep is to add a piece of velcro to the center of the sheep.  Then cut out a large number from a food box and place the other piece of velcro on it.  Kids love playing with velcro pieces like that. 
- If you have some felt around your home, make a felt story.  Cut some sheep out of the felt.  Then cut different shapes out of different colors of felt.  The kids can have fun decorating their felt sheep.  Ok, so I really need to make a new felt board to show everyone how easy it is.  My son is the right age for one, and his 3rd birthday is in a few weeks.  So this may not be a recycled craft, but it is a good one to help in your child's development.  They can be creative both artistically and mentally.  They can make up stories and songs about the sheep.  Felt boards are great for growing brains.

What are some of your ideas on how to turn this sheep craft into an eco-friendly craft?

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