Sunday, March 7, 2010

Even More Plarn

I finally emptied that large tote bag full of white and clear cut plastic bags (loops). I was able to get 5 skeins of white plarn and 2 skeins of clear plarn. The two top skeins in the picture are not a full skein. I'll add more to them at a later date.

I placed all of my tiny balls of plarn in a plastic food container. They don't get all tangled up in there, plus I can see what I have.

I still have a ways to go before I have cut up all of my plastic bags. I dropped off a bag of bottom seams and handles that was left over from making plarn in the grocery store recycle bin. Inside I saw some Hannaford and brown plastic bags. I couldn't help myself, so I took those bags to make plarn out of. Tonight I will work on my pile of cut newspaper bags. I should have a few colored skeins tomorrow as a result.

I'm almost finished making my mom's present. Once finished I want to start on a 2nd present for her. I thought that I would have to break my record of not buying yarn to buy the right color for her. However I discovered some in my stash earlier today. So far I have not bought any yarn or fabric this year.


  1. Oh your will power is amazing! And you have so many skeins of plarn! You go girlfriend.

  2. Thanks Barbara! The fabric will power is something. I just love love love fabric. I avoid that whole side of the store at all costs, lol. However with all of the plarn making, yarn isn't so tempting right now.

    Wait... I forgot that I did buy some yarn at an auction last month. Does it count when its to support a place / group? I guess that I can't say that I haven't bought any yarn this year, darn it!