Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Eco Craft Challenge

Eco Craft Challenge: Day 1
This new eco craft challenge will be for 3 months. From January - March there is a budget of $15 a month on craft items. There are many reasons for this challenge. Each person will discover their own challenges and rewards in this challenge. For me it is about saving money, stash busting, and being creative.

I finished crocheting the plarn/boa tote! I'm very happy with how it turned out. I had spun plarn that I had made from Hannaford shopping bags. I then plied some of it with some boa yarn. I plan on sewing a lining in it. The bag measures 20" wide x 14" high x 11" deep.

My mom made this bag for me. It is a fused bag, but with magazine clippings sandwiched between a black bag and a clear bag. She then lined it with this bright pink vinyl like material.

Here is my tarn (t-shirt yarn) rug so far. It is 34" wide. I did rip out the circular one, because it wasn't laying flat. I crochet 100 chains to get it started on a J hook.


  1. Kristy,
    That fused bag that your Mom made is so cool. I just love the look and how she sandwiched the magazine in between the plastic. What a fantastic item!

  2. She saw it in a book somewhere and tried it out. It looks like one that you would buy in a store. I really love her lining in it. She said don't use thick paper in it. I'm going to try to make one at some point.