Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 of Challenge

I have made 3 ornaments so far. Two are knitted and one is crochet. I made up the crochet pattern to match the knit one from One can be made in a single night.

I recently joined an amigrumi group on ravelry. One of the members designed an angel pattern, and it is the pattern for the January ami-along. I started making it today. So far the head is finished and I'm working on the dress/body. I shouldn't say the head is completely finished, because there are details to add later.

Here is my tarn rug so far. I've used 9 t-shirts so far. The blue one is an Applebee's shirt that I use to wear as a kid.

I have spent $11 of the $15 so far for this month. I bought a set of crochet hooks. I could have bought only 1 for less (in the size that I needed), but I saved money by buying the set. I also bought a pattern off of Etsy to make my nephew a present for his birthday next month. This is my first pattern purchase that wasn't in a book. It's perfect for him. I'm looking forward to starting his gift.


  1. Love the ornament, gonna check into the angel amigurumi and haven't started the rug. Keep on blogging and inspiring us.

  2. Thanks Barbara :) Here is the link to the ami-along:
    You can also check my projects folder on ravelry to get the angel pattern.