Sunday, January 17, 2010

16 t-shirts later... tarn rug

No, its not your imagination. It is not a rectangle. Some how I made it get wider as I went along. The beginning was 34 inches wide. The end is 41 inches. It is 30 inches long. I am thinking about crocheting around all 4 sides now. Maybe that might help it. I'm also thinking about washing it when I'm done to help block it, and to tighten up the stitches. Either way, its for the floor in my laundry room, so it does not need to be perfect.


  1. I say go around the edges and then try to block it a little. Pretty colors for your laundry room!

  2. My thoughts exactly ;) I won't put it in the dryer so that I can have an easier time blocking it. I love that there is a dark and a light side. It will brighten up the area.