Thursday, January 14, 2010

Days 12 - 14 of the Eco-Craft Challenge

Today I plied my spun white plarn with some Bernat Boa yarn.

I started this cozy last night and finished it today.
All it needs is a button to hold it closed.

This cozy I finished yesterday.
I'm going to use it for my phone.
Cast on 40 sts on size US 3 needles w/ worsted weight yarn.
Knit every row until you have the width that you like.
Bind off 10 stitches (sts) on one side.
Finish knitting the other other half.
Bind off and sew the seams.
Add a loop on the top flap and a button on the bottom to keep it closed.

Here are the 4 Little Dahlia squares that I've made so far.
Mine are 5" instead of 6".
I made 2 videos on how to make it, because someone needed help understanding the pattern.

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