Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 3 of Eco-Craft Challenge

Thank you to everyone who is participating in this challenge! I know the numbers aren't reflected in the poll right now. About 10 people in the Stash N Burn Ravelry group are doing this challenge.

I went into my scrap fabric bin and pulled out several green and blue fabrics. I pieced them together to make a larger piece of fabric. Then using my favorite pot holder for size, I cut 6 pieces of this new large fabric. I sandwiched 2 layers of batting in between 2 of the cut fabric sheets. I then quilted them together in a diagonal grid pattern. Later I will make a binding to finish it.

I think the pot holders will be fun and funky. I'm not sure if others will like them as much. I'm not sure if people would like them as gifts. Personally I like that I made something useful out of scraps. Even the batting was scrap from a quilt project.

I took my toddler to the library, because I had a book on hold. While he played in the children's section, I worked on my knitted plyarn tote bag.

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